Vereduse magneetilised esijalakaitsmed

Müüa Vereduse magneetilised esijala kaitsmed, esineb veidi kasutusjälgi,siiski terved ja korralikud. Ps uuena 250€

Magnetik 4 hours - magnetic protector for intensive therapy (4 hours) of pastern with coronet. therapeutic boot equipped with 40 neodymium magnets (for a pair) that produce power of 2400 Gauss each, located around the flexor tendons, fetlock and heel. Made of "Aerox" material, lined and trimmed with Lycra, provides maximum comfort and allows the limb to breathe fully, eliminating overheat of muscular system. Reduces pain and swelling, stimulates blood circulation, speeds up the elimination of toxins. It accelerates the regeneration process. Prepares the muscles and tendons to the effort.Huge selection of horse supplies including: Magentic Horse Boots

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