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How HeyHorsy works

1) How much does it cost to sell on HeyHorsy? 

Listing your products is free! You do not pay anything until you have sold the product. HeyHorsy charges transaction fee from sales. The fee is 10% and minimum fee is 1€.

For example, when you sell a blanket for 50€, you will receive 45€ to your bank account. The money will be transferred within 3 working days after the buyer confirms that he/she happily received the helmet. 

HeyHorsy does not take any transaction fee from shipping costs. 

2) Who pays for the shipping?

The seller can determine what surcharge he/she wants due to local shipping options. The seller can add the shipping cost while uploading a new listing and the buyer can pay the transport costs in advance together with the price of the product when making the purchase. 

In the beginning, the seller pays the shipping service fee himself, but the seller receives the money back together with the price of the product when the package has reached the buyer.

3) Is it safe to sell and buy products on the HeyHorsy platform?

HeyHorsy team stands for secure and safe trading on our platform. 

If the Seller cancels the order for any reason, HeyHorsy will refund the money to the Buyer's account within 2-3 business days. In this way, HeyHorsy protects sellers and buyers from possible fraud. All financial entries related to orders can be tracked from the "My Account" statement at any time.

4) Is there an age limit to sell or buy on HeyHorsy?

HeyHorsy wants to be able to comfortably buy and sell for people of all ages, so there is no age limit for using Heyhorsy. However, if you are under the age of 18, please ask your parents for permission to use the platform.

5) Does HeyHorsy offer returns and trials?

The option to offer returns and trials is up to the users of the site. If the seller has not specified returns and trials is in the listing, contact the seller to ask about it directly.  HeyHorsy does not guarantee the condition, return and trial  of the product.

6) What happens when the buyer doesn’t confirm that he/she received the product?

Firstly you should write directly to the buyer so that he/she clicks on the confirmation. The buyer can be a new user who has not noticed the button or a user who has forgotten to press the button with the excitement of receiving the package.

If the buyer does not respond to your reminder within 48 hours, you can write to with your username and information known to you when the buyer has removed the product from the list. Also, add a screenshot of the package withdrawal information. In this case, we will confirm the order (if 48 hours after receiving the package) or we will contact the buyer ourselves.

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